The Mark of an Immature Woman.

The point in life is to live once and be done with it.

I always thought that I was a plain looking thing, nothing beguiling about me that could entice someone. Until he touched me and held my soul. After that, I wasn’t a steady fire. I was fire-blazing rain falling on street asphalt. He didn’t made feel plain. He made feel breath-taking.

Angelique&Tristan -s.p. (via mystrangesilhouettes)

(via mystrangesilhouettes)

Although many writers had had periods of significant depression, mania, or hypomania, they were consistently appealing, entertaining, and interesting people. They had led interesting lives, and they enjoyed telling me about them as much as I enjoyed hearing about them. Mood disorders tend to be episodic, characterized by relatively brief periods of low or high mood lasting weeks to months, interspersed with long periods of normal mood (known as euthymia to us psychiatrists). All the writers were euthymic at the time that I interviewed them, and so they could look back on their periods of depression or mania with considerable detachment. They were also able to describe how abnormalities in mood state affected their creativity. Consistently, they indicated that they were unable to be creative when either depressed or manic.

The relationship between creativity and mental illness – a fascinating study based on writers from the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Kurt Vonnegut was among the subjects. (via explore-blog)

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A woman isn’t a measuring cup. She does not and will not, put a fence on her capabilities. No woman should. All women are like the ocean, you think you know every facet of who she is. But that’s just the shallow part of her being. The deeper you verge into her, the more lost you’ll be in her capture.

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(via mystrangesilhouettes)